intimacy choreography for the global majority

we no longer need to suffer for our art.

Ann James, founder of Intimacy Directors of Color, work goes beyond choreography of intimate scenes to encompass the actor’s consent and boundaries around all aspects of their identity throughout the rehearsal process. […]
“Ann is a pioneer”

American Theatre, 2021

Intimacy Coordinators of Color

Intimacy Coordinators of Color, or ICOC, is an organization dedicated to  supporting and promoting decolonized intimacy education and inclusive hiring practices in the entertainment industry.  Intimacy Coordinators of Color plans to bring diversity to the field of intimacy work in theatre, film and television by offering quality consultancy, advocacy and equality for the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities.


Intimacy Choreography in Conversation

Ann James & Carly D. Weckstein talk intimacy choreography and shifting performing arts spaces towards a culture of consent. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“Any situation can be improved with truthful reflection and commitment to change.”

Ann C. James